Who do you offer wholesale pricing to?

Our wholesale customers include specialty food stores, grocery stores, gift shops, hotels, hospitals, assisted living facilities, restaurants, diners, food carts, outfitters, churches, charitable organizations, gift basket companies and others. Our selection and pricing makes us a great fit for many kinds of organizations.

What is your minimum order?

We offer a minimum order of $150.

How long does it take to get my order?

We typically ship orders out within 1-2 business days and transit times can range between 1-5 business days from when we ship it. While our website typically manages inventory correctly, occasionally we have discrepancies and might not have something in stock. If we know we will be receiving more in a day or so, we may hold an order until such time.

Do you offer split cases?

Yes, but only on items that come in case packs of 12 or greater. We also ask that split case equal up to even case amounts in like items.

How far out do best by dates go?

Often times up to or over two years. And since we turn over inventory at such a high rate, you can be assured that you are getting fresh merchandise.

Something didn't sell can I send it back to you for a refund?

No. We don't accept returned food items. Please only order items you know you can sell - we do not guarantee your sales success.   

Do you offer samples?


Your pricing is slightly higher than buying direct from the manufacturer, can you match my price from the manufacturer?

While in many cases, we sell for the same price you could get buying direct, in some cases, we are priced slightly higher simply because we don't get enough of a volume price break from them to match their regular wholesale price. So no, we can't match in these cases. Our value to you in offering these brands is ease of one stop online ordering and combining many brands into one shipment.